Thursday, 3 May 2018

Aardwolf: Back into the fray!

It's been a while and I'm still amazed how well I can complete quests! There are some new areas and a new feature which suits me really well OPK (open player kill). With my current build I doubt anyone would be silly enough to attack me.

Todays blessing gave me a bonus instinct in knife fighting, useful for my character.

 Instinct Notes:

* In almost all cases, the over 100% bonus is not a direct percentage. 
  It is also on a curve with diminishing returns. 
  (For example, 100 points of instinct might add a 20% bonus damage,
  while 200 points adds 30% total.)

* Instinct is remembered across tiers and remorts; you only ever have to
  buy it once.

* Instinct is only useful in an ability that you can actually use.
  It is not a way to have access to skills usually unavailable.  If you
  lose access to a skill because you tiered or changed class, your
  instinct amount is still remembered and will become active whenever
  you have that skill available again.

* Instinct is not used on spells cast from objects- only when cast
  naturally or when equipment grants an effect (like Haste effect from
  Aardwolf Boots).

* Instinct can provide a bonus for either spells or equipment that
  give a certain effect. For example, both the Aardwolf Boots of
  Speed and the Accelerate spell provide the haste effect, and both
  benefit equally from instinct in Haste. In the case of the Boots of
  Speed, a player is treated as if they have 100% skill level in Haste
  while the boots are equipped, and instinct gives bonuses accordingly.

  The same applies to sanctuary, dual wield, and protection good/evil.

* The max instinct you can gain in a single ability is 200.

* Only trains gained since your last rebuild may be used on instinct
  (see 'help instinct-trains').

* You can 'rebuild' instinct in either a single skill or all at once.
  There is a rebuild cost of 2% of the gold/trains put into instinct, with
  a max cost of 5000 trains / 50m gold when using the "all" option. The
  gold and trains returned from an instinct rebuilding are considered
  deposited and can only be used on instinct.

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