Friday, 14 June 2019

Sony FDR-X3000, Endomondo, Virb Edit Exp. Part 2 Cycling.!/v/kiwibloke/eaffn5dw

**The Ride**
I wasn't as well prepared as I should've been for this ride. I was too impatient to go out instead of doing a thorough bike check. Re-indexing the gears, correct seat height and angle, tyre pressures, chain condition etc things I check on my road racing bike meticulously and regularly. Most importantly, I didn't place a 1/4inch camera mount for the Sony FDR-X3000 camera anywhere on the bike (turned out to be brilliant). This was not an enjoyable ride, physically.

Apart from that LoL, I still picked up some helpful ideas while editing this video. All the riding video clips were taken with me holding the camera. And because I was riding so slow I got bored and started pointing the camera, up, down, sideways left & right, backwards; knowing full well my mobile phone was recording the GPS tracking data via Endomondo. I was praying that I don't drop the Sony camera AND hoping instant stopping doesn't come into play. I am actually pleased how the clips have turned out.

Watching how others use Virb Edit, I decided putting all the gauges in the bottom right hand side works better for me. Know this helps me decide where to point the camera while recording clips.

The way this overlay editor merges GPS data with multiple short video clips still amazes me. This is most likely going to be my overlay editor of choice. Although there is still a need to do some post processing in another video editor (because I like to have better control over audio and titles).

** Exclusive**

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