Wednesday, 10 July 2019

How To Make A Timelapse From Sequential Images (Again)

This type of timerlapse (some call it a drivelapse) is something I've always wanted to try but never got around to creating one. The actual timelapse is from the 10sec mark to the 46sec mark, after this I describe how I created this on my Linux Mint machine.

This is a BASH script update where I've added some help lines at the end of the script.

A drivelapse would be more suited to a longish country road ride, driving in a suburb or city makes the resulting video a bit too cluttered.

I need a new microphone!!

- Sony HDR-CX405: showing the Sony mounted on the Windscreen
- Sony FDR-X3000: Video recording - 4K images at 1sec intervals.

- OBS for Linux: Screen capture
- Rendered with kdenlive for Linux Mint

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Bash Script (3002.txt):!LMsyiChJ!1NxZREiISKChKtPPuc4yFp5ZZ6ct2l4v_N1v7jydQjk

- rename 3002.txt to
- move into /bin/ folder
- open terminal in /bin/ folder as root
- in terminal type chmod +x
- PS this didn't work for me, therefore I right clicked an then changed the properties/permissions and made it executable

- you may get further errors due to missing external programs, run these next lines in the terminal
- sudo apt install mencoder
- sudo apt install imagemagick-6.q16

- if all is well, type in any folder that contains your sequential images
- on some linux distros I had to
  -> type sudo


I've just noticed my script only works on .JPG file extension, there is 3 ways to resolve this problem

1. (Best) use the bash script to recognize the extension (jpg JPG jpeg png bmp etc) then continuing to process the timelapse as per normal taking into account the image extension.

2. (Terrible but all my cameras do this) Only use cameras that output .JPG files LoL.

3. (for .jpg only) in terminal type -> rename 's/.jpg/ .JPG/' *

My Huawei P8lite creates .jpg images so when I get to update the script for option 1, option 3 will do for now.

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