Monday, 9 April 2018

Cycle Ride

hmm is our coffee time longer than our riding time LoL

I'm really happy at the kms covered this morning

This morning we had 7 in the group, the warm up circuit to Norfolk Street went really well. A nice straight line with Eric leading the group, Terina at #2 dictating the speed, Iha 3rd and myself at the rear calling traffic information up the line. The group is starting to learn the signals needed to travel on suburban roads which helps to keep us all safe.

We split up into 3 groups for various reason and finished of with a bit of chat at the village cafe.


At the cafe we was approached by a local and wanted to know if he can ride with us. He spotted our warm up ride earlier and of course we all said yes. We are not a club and we welcome anyone who enjoys social or serious riding.

We have 2 NZ certified cycle riders in our group, Iha and myself and we realize chances are the group is going to increase in numbers and it would be ideal to put another person through the course.

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