Monday, 23 April 2018

USO Whanau Ride

I really enjoyed this ride, not only getting to meet a few seasoned USO members with their families, but was surprised to connect with new riders from Lower Hutt and Wainuiomata. Wellington is famous for it's wind and rain we never got it on this day.

This Endomondo image includes our ride out from Hikoikoi Reserve, Petone and along the Wellington SH1 motorway.


Making video content has become an issue, due to the fact I wish to hold onto the originals, which take up a lot of hard drive space. For example, this 1080p50 video is only 896MB (pre-youtube upload 4min25sec), created from a folder containing all footage, GPS information totaling 37.5GB (1hr44mins).

Does one upload to youtube then delete all originals/edited versions knowing that one day youtube will cease, and moment in time will be gone forever.

3 possible solutions come to mind.:-
  • buy hard drives to store only original content (creating edited version to upload to social media platforms  is easy to do). Using these hard drives in a docking station makes them a permanent storage solution, there is always that possibility they still can fail.
  • Use an on-line cloud storage service, if I went this route it would probably be , from 200GB at 4.99euro/month $8.50NZ/month to 8TB at 29.99euro/month $50.95NZ/month. This is not cheap.
  • Only keep the edited version, delete all originals. This is the practical solution and easily affordable. From a creative point of view, as time goes by, my editing/creative skills will improve and it would be nice to revisit some old videos and give them a new make over. Actually I'm going to do this shortly, I have kept all the original raw files from an Ironmaori ride in 2015.
It would've been nice to have uploaded this on the day, but it took me this long to free up some space to allow editing. I'm already way behind, Oh well LoL

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