Saturday, 2 February 2019

1st 4K UHD Video Upload to Youtube

The best way to try something like this, is to create a small video, then upload it to youtube as a private view, then see what happen when trying to play it back. A timelapse is perfect for this, so this morning I whipped out the Sony FDR-X3000 placed it on the ground and snapped of 600 frames at 5sec intervals.

The using my very slightly modified bash script created a series of timelapses:-

1280x720p(HDTV) 30fps - 24.5MB
1920x1080p(HD) 50fps - 38.8MB
3840x2160p(4K UHD) 60fps - 106.9MB

After uploading the video the only way it would play properly on my browser was to change the quality to 1080p60.

I'm still not convinced creating a 4K is worth it if I cannot play at this quality, and I know I cannot get it to play locally here on a duo2core machine. (plays fine locally on my Intel i5 Opitplex).

I'll leave this video up hoping one day I can get to see it in 4K. Meanwhile it's back to creating 1080p videos and timelapses :-)

Bash Script:

Download and copy (or move) this file into the BIN folder (Linux Mint).

This a a text file so you can read the instructions at the bottom of the file. Note I also had the open the BIN folder as ROOT in order to change the files permissions to "Allow this file to run as a program".

Now just go into the folder containing all your images and type, follow the prompts.

This script can be used on any folder containing images captured and stored by any devices. The Dazzne option was written to allow for images captured with 4:3 aspect ratio.

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