Monday, 4 February 2019

Timelapse 4K UHD: Wainui Hill Summit, Meeting Great People!

This mornings walk was very unique, with the amount of cloud movement I just had to do another timelapse. I really didn't want to take it at the top of the summit but it was fairly windy and using a heavy camera tripod would've kept my camera stable. As always, my timelapses are free to use :-)

downloadthe 1280x720p(HDTV) 30fps
download the 1920x1080p(HD) 50fps 
download the 3840x2160p(4K UHD) 60fps

While shooting the timelapse, it was a good time to test my DIY Solar Panel setup. As predicted, it wasn't very effective at that time in the morning, delivering only 40mA at 4.85V.

The Walk:
I have to admit it, I didn't put any real effort into this mornings walk, more like a casual Sunday stroll.

That last photo is where I wanted to do the actual timelapse, maybe I'll take my heavy Tripod on the next walk!

Meeting Interesting People on the Hill:
(I didn't take any photo's of these people because that would've been rude)

Tania's 24Hr Walkathon:
I meet a really nice young lady named Tania, she had an extremely interesting story with a goal to walk over Wainuiomata Hill every day in 2018 and she achieved that WOW!!

She is doing a 24hour walkathon 15/02/2019 and I intend to support on that day. Check out her givealittle website. I'm going to shamelessly share this on all my social media.

Mormon Elders:
2 really nice guys who stopped at the top of the hill to take some photos of Wellington Harbour. We had lengthy discussions on basically everything and it wasn't too religious in nature. I admire the sacrifices these guys take to come to our shores. One is from Texas, the other from Melbourne.

Very memorial day.

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