Saturday, 16 March 2019

Dissenter, The Comment Section of the Internet.

If you have watched the video's about Rotten Tomatoes, The Captain Marvel Movie with Brie Larson, you'll eventually come across people talking about this browser extension. If a video has it's comments disabled, this browser app creates a "discussion" comment section for that URL, where anyone who has installed, signed up with this app, can write/read comments.

I have actually seen something similar to this before (a long time ago) but cannot remember where.

Dissenter by GAB

I must say, I joined GAB when it was is first launched live, and only a few people was accepted during it's startup. Today I logged in and yep, there's that prompt ... send your first post LoL. Eventually I'll become active there once I work out what GAB is again.

The reason I brought this up, when I tried to sign up for Dissenter, at the prompt where your asked to put in your email, it said mine was already taken. A light bulb moment, lets use my GAB login, I'm in .. hehe.

Back to Dissenter

Let's find out how this dissenter works, time to go find a YouTube video that has had it's comments disabled, this may take me a while, 90.99% of YouTubers I follow are nice people.

 Ok let's do a simple YouTube search --> comments disabled

wow there's heaps ... OK maybe YouTube is not a good example, therefore I'm going to Add a dissenter discussion on this My Blogs homepage ..

As you can see I have left unticked both Share to Gab & NSFW, this is just me playing around. But if another active Dissenter comes to my homepage, they will see that comment and can interact if they wish.... published!

Let's go to a URL where there is an actual Dissenter discussion happening ...

Nice, 940 Dissenter comments on YouTubes homepage ..

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Alita: Battle Angel, Must Watch Again!

I thought Avatar cannot be beaten yet James Cameron has come out with another mind blowing story that deserves another visit, before it can no longer be shown on the BIG screen. If I had had an on going rating system this would be a 10/10 :-)

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