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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

How To Make A Timelapse From Sequential Images (Again)

This type of timerlapse (some call it a drivelapse) is something I've always wanted to try but never got around to creating one. The actual timelapse is from the 10sec mark to the 46sec mark, after this I describe how I created this on my Linux Mint machine.

This is a BASH script update where I've added some help lines at the end of the script.

A drivelapse would be more suited to a longish country road ride, driving in a suburb or city makes the resulting video a bit too cluttered.

I need a new microphone!!

- Sony HDR-CX405: showing the Sony mounted on the Windscreen
- Sony FDR-X3000: Video recording - 4K images at 1sec intervals.

- OBS for Linux: Screen capture
- Rendered with kdenlive for Linux Mint

my external links
Bash Script (3002.txt):!LMsyiChJ!1NxZREiISKChKtPPuc4yFp5ZZ6ct2l4v_N1v7jydQjk

- rename 3002.txt to
- move into /bin/ folder
- open terminal in /bin/ folder as root
- in terminal type chmod +x
- PS this didn't work for me, therefore I right clicked an then changed the properties/permissions and made it executable

- you may get further errors due to missing external programs, run these next lines in the terminal
- sudo apt install mencoder
- sudo apt install imagemagick-6.q16

- if all is well, type in any folder that contains your sequential images
- on some linux distros I had to
  -> type sudo


I've just noticed my script only works on .JPG file extension, there is 3 ways to resolve this problem

1. (Best) use the bash script to recognize the extension (jpg JPG jpeg png bmp etc) then continuing to process the timelapse as per normal taking into account the image extension.

2. (Terrible but all my cameras do this) Only use cameras that output .JPG files LoL.

3. (for .jpg only) in terminal type -> rename 's/.jpg/ .JPG/' *

My Huawei P8lite creates .jpg images so when I get to update the script for option 1, option 3 will do for now.

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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Steemit Censorship: You're Not Allowed to Have an Opinion!

Totally disappointing ... it appears this platform not only stops people from expressing an opinion, but they also remove any rewards for those that speak out.

No reason given, do not even ask why!

Threatening is not a way to make people to go there, I most certainly won't encourage  any of my contacts to go to this platform. I looked at this guys comment and saw nothing wrong with it at all.

Extremely interesting reading, downvoting also seems attract the attention of this abusereports , so why have the option. Seriously!

I can't see myself staying on this platform much longer!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

0002 - Run: Mary Crowther!/v/kiwibloke/wdywbsud
This is where my real journey with #Exhaust begins.

I have never done any sort of running since leaving school many years ago, and now with this new Steem App? it's time lead a better lifestyle. I do a lot of cycling and quite frankly running scares me. So this 1st run was about walking and running to see if I would continue. I'm not sure what a good starting distance should be but I'm happy with todays (small) run.

How to shoot running videos ? Running while holding my camera gave terrible shakey results. So instead I'm going for the plant the tripod somewhere I can get a nice scenery shot while recording myself doing loops. This allows me to do a PnP (picture in picture) video to showcase something else (who would want to watch me doin loops, totally boring). With my mobile phone in my pocket recording GPS information while running has made creating this type of content fun.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I can do this! The aim is to phase out the walking interval.

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0001 - Walking: Colonial Knob!/v/kiwibloke/ipafl8p8
Following this mornings USO group cycle ride, instead of doing my usual morning cool down 40km ride, I decided to do a small walk up the steps of Colonial Knob Walkway, out in Porirua Wellington. This is quite a challenge because I've only done this once 2 years ago and it was hard then. This time round, it's winter, wet, muddy and windy, definitely not ideal. These spur of the moment decisions are crazy but the view at the top was worth it. Check out the heavy breathing going on LoL, I don't like walking or running, so this is a new journey I'm undertaking.

I did not expect a bicycle pump at the top, even though I knew there is are excellent down hill mountain bike tracks up here.

This video would be a great way to start my outdoor activities series. I forgot to take the selfie stick because it would've helped to reduce camera shake. I'll be better prepared next time.

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Sony FDR-X3000, Endomondo, Virb Edit Exp. Part 2 Cycling.!/v/kiwibloke/eaffn5dw

**The Ride**
I wasn't as well prepared as I should've been for this ride. I was too impatient to go out instead of doing a thorough bike check. Re-indexing the gears, correct seat height and angle, tyre pressures, chain condition etc things I check on my road racing bike meticulously and regularly. Most importantly, I didn't place a 1/4inch camera mount for the Sony FDR-X3000 camera anywhere on the bike (turned out to be brilliant). This was not an enjoyable ride, physically.

Apart from that LoL, I still picked up some helpful ideas while editing this video. All the riding video clips were taken with me holding the camera. And because I was riding so slow I got bored and started pointing the camera, up, down, sideways left & right, backwards; knowing full well my mobile phone was recording the GPS tracking data via Endomondo. I was praying that I don't drop the Sony camera AND hoping instant stopping doesn't come into play. I am actually pleased how the clips have turned out.

Watching how others use Virb Edit, I decided putting all the gauges in the bottom right hand side works better for me. Know this helps me decide where to point the camera while recording clips.

The way this overlay editor merges GPS data with multiple short video clips still amazes me. This is most likely going to be my overlay editor of choice. Although there is still a need to do some post processing in another video editor (because I like to have better control over audio and titles).

** Exclusive**

Monday, 10 June 2019

The Sony FDR-X3000, Endomondo, Virb Edit Experiment.!/v/kiwibloke/l30t1x6k

Virb Edit, creating data overlays for you sports videos. This inbuilt editor is AMAZING, but lets go back to the beginning as to how I started putting this together.


The Walk (that's me and it was freezing outside, mid winter, gets dark at 5:30pm)
- record using Endomondo the entire walk on my Huawei P8lite
- during the walk, record snippets on the Sony FDR-X3000 camera
Video Creation (all with Virb Edit)
- import all the video clips (as is), place in timeline
- while playing through the timeline, trim each clip
- export the GPS to GXP (using Endomondo Website)
- import the GPX file
- 1st gauge I added: position - track (the map inside the circle)
- when played, Virb Edit knew where each video clip appears on the track
- as you watch this video you can see the dots move accordingly
- there can be discrepencies within a few meters, you can fine tune if you want
- add music (provided by Virb Edit)
- add titles


This was all created in-house, no external editors used. I really am impressed with this software (and yes it is free). What is important to realise, the data here is based on a GPS signal and the accuracy of a satelitte. Still, as a graphical indiction I think it is really cool. I really don't like the existing gauges but you do have the ability to create your own.

I wouldn't necessarily use an overlay like this on all my video's, probably when there is sports events, like to 10km charity walks I sometimes participate in. I had fun putting this together.

The Endomondo App provides alot more GPS data than the Sony FDR-X3000 which results in more gauges you can use.

** Exclusive**

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Steemit: 2 Weeks On and my Thoughts

I'm really starting to enjoy using this platform, even though I have so much more to learn. Buzz words like cryptocurrency, blockchain, steem, steem power, steem dollars are totally exciting and I liken it to the game Monopoly. I've posted some content, earned some Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars.

Is this real money ??? it can be but from what I've seen I'm just not interested at this point in time. but this is where the fun starts for me ......

STEEM POWER, I gots the power !!!

With this I can control post payouts, ie the more Steem Power (SP) I have, my upvotes will count more and will award different content creators SP and Steem dollars as well. How cool is that!!

For me, this platform is about content and creating content, which I'm not very good at and seldom create. In fact I make videos so that I can look back on snippets of my life, and if other people watch then that is all well and good too.

You can view the upvotes as seen on above image, who upvoted and how much influence each voter has based on their (SP). Currently my SP is so low, my upvotes are valued at $0.0000 LoL but hey, we all start somewhere. Let's peek at my Steemit Wallet ..

5 minutes ago my Steem Power was 1.033, so here's what I did to increase it. I transferred the Steem Dollars ($0.80approx) I earned from my posts to Steem ($2.00approx via Internal Market), which I then Powered Up increasing my Steem Power.

So my short term goal unfolds, when I upvote, I want it to have real meaning.

It is all about content, and not earnings

For Vidme .... I will always remember you guys.
- Amberthest
- Ravenmor Fox
- Dazzlinglatte
- Flying Purple Pizzas
- Calibri Funtimes
- Stefan Jenkins
- Kirsty J
- Jonna

Friday, 7 June 2019

Opening of Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path, New Zealand
This was a significant event, especially those that live in this suburb of Wainuiomata. The only access into the area is by this road. When they upgraded the road from 2 lanes (1 up 1 down) to 4 lanes, there really wasn't any room for cyclists though there are those like myself that risked being brushed aside by vehicles. Walking/running up either side of this Hill on gravel had it's risks as well, but the workout you get from it made it worth while.

This shared pathway (pedestrians/cyclists) is definitely going to become popular and there are some concerns, mainly aimed at the cycling community which I can totally understand. It really comes down to common sense, I ride/race on a road bike and coming down here at 60km+/hr would be the norm, therefore using this shared path is not an option for me. This brings us to those who drive over the hill in vehicles, who yell at cyclists to get off the road and back onto the new created shared path. I will ignore them, safety of pedestrians on this path are more important and unless I purposely ride up/down at 10km/hr or slower I will stay on the road. The next few months as summer approaches will be interesting.

My grandson and I, enjoyed the sunshine, the community spirit, and this wonderful path that we walked on today.

Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint 64bit

USO Kupe Ride, Korokoro to Haywards Intersection, New Zealand.
A typical Kupe group ride, hills and rotation work. It's always nice to ride with the elite riders in this club, who come out and support the social side.

This video is part of my new experience using Exhaust with Steemit. Not only that, I have always used Endomondo (android app for my Huawei P8lite phone). With this App I can export the workouts GPS data as TCX or GPX, which works well with Exhaust. If you use this App I'd be happy to add you as a friend, just drop a comment.

Android App: Endomondo
Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Overlays: created with Dashware on Win10 64bit
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint 64bit
Bike: Specialized Allez 2018 (Entry Level Road Bike)

My Thought of the Week: IPFS
What is IPFS ... yes I've seen the definitions and what it is capable of with file sharing. Does running it help or Steemit in some way working in the background. Using the file system found on the "webui' I added a picture of myself (I know, boring but at least I won't run into copyright issues) and got a sharing link.

This is all well and good, if I wish to share something, but does me sharing 1 file help the community. I feel as if I have missed something important here.

I would be extremely appreciative for any feedback.

Note: Installation on Linux Mint problems - resolved
- go here ... ... see if world can see service on port 4001
- this port opens "AFTER" the daemon is run
1 - turn off the Gufw firewall
2 - set router port forward 4001 (I even set this computer as DMZ host, probably not necessary)

3 - if using Noscript - disable it
4 - Go here ... ... Per-User Limit

Friday, 31 May 2019

Exhaust: Log Fitness Activities with Steem.

Another part of the Steem phenomena , just joined now and will use tomorrows USO ride to find out how this works.

you can also add in your GPS files in the form of GPX or TCX formats instead of needing to add the time, distance details manually.

Perfect, I can test this:- 
camera1 (Sony FDR-X3000: video & GPS)
camera2 (Sony HDR-CX450: video)
- partial recording (for
mobile phone (Huawei P8lite with Endomondo App: GPS).
- full ride (for Exhaust)

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Sony Wind Noise Reduction Mod & Arduino Cycle RearLights.
This modification to the Sony FDR-X3000 greatly improves wind noise reduction, and this is exactly how I record my rides. Even though I have the camera mounted on the handle bar, I really wanted to mount it on the stem (still haven't figured this out yet). I want to reduce the sideways movement and helm or chest mounts seem to restrictive to my own movements.

I really enjoyed creating my own rear lights for the bike. Using a Dual 18650 Powerbank case (these are really cheap on Ebay $1.60NZ), mounting an Arduino Mini Pro in 1 of the battery spaces, opens up many Arduino Project possibilities. Using the WS2812 programmable LEDS was an obvious choice, at one stage I was riding down the street at night with rainbow colours streaming all over my bike, yep totally illegal. Back to basics, red only (I did add a red yellow startup flash loop at the beginning, couldn't resist).

Photos: Huawei P8 Lite
Camera: SONY HDR-CX405
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint
** Exclusive**

Cool Down Ride: Petone to Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand.!/v/kiwibloke/h0obf15l
This is a more improved and shorter version of the same ride I uploaded onto youtube. This time it's been uploaded onto


On a typical Saturday morning I go out on the USO Bike group ride, afterwards I always do a cool down ride. Ending the day with a steep hill climb back over to Wainuiomata.

This is one of the routes I take as my cool down ride, which is usually another 40km but at a leisurely pace (between 15/35kmhr). I would only come out this way if it is raining, cold, windy etc when it's uncomfortable for people to walk along the Harbour, this place can get crowded where you have to get off your bike and walk.

Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Overlays: created with Dashware on Win10 64bit
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint 64bit

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

USO Kupe Ride, Wallaceville to Boulcott, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

My 1st only Post!/v/kiwibloke/hph22kis
This is the tail end of this mornings ride, from Arise Church, Petone, up the Blue Mountains Road, Pinehaven. Through Whitemans valley then back over Wallacaville Hill. The video picks up from Trentham and finishes as we head into Boulcott, towards our favourite coffee stop, Janis!

Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Overlays: created with Dashware on Win10 64bit
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint 64bit
Bike: Specialized Allez 2018 (Entry Level Road Bike)

Monday, 27 May 2019

Steem Ranking and Badges
As I slowly get into using the Steem system, it will be interesting to see how this ranking and badge system works for me. In 6months time I am going to revisit and see much difference I make.

Having a ranking and badge system really encourages me to participate more, even leaving comments makes a difference.

Definitely time to become more active.

Sunday, 26 May 2019 What is this ?

D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
Basically another video platform like Youtube, Bitchute.

If you want more detailed information visit this link

I've been part of the Steem Blockchain for a while now, I still have no idea how this works but it is about time I use it's video platform.

All STEEMs applications seemed to be inter-linked, which is a good thing.
Upload video onto, it automatically appears on my steemit blog.

My thoughts on all 3 platforms - Youtube, Bitchute,

massive user base, well supported
searching works well
over censored
video quality is downgraded to improve the stream

small user base
best place to find CCL music to use in your videos
video quality is downgraded to improve the stream
small user base:- vlogs here are more personal and engaging
searching sucks
video quality is downgraded to improve the stream BUT will stream source
- eg upload a 1080p5fps mp4, you have the option to watch it at this speed
- default view of 480p is really good.
huge problem - cannot play the videos from the site on my Android phone!

Here's my 1st upload to
The same "My Wainui Training Cycle Loop" as found on Youtube

So I'm going to use this exclusively for the next few months, then see how I feel about it.

Friday, 24 May 2019

My Wainui Training Cycle Loop

This is a small street cycle loop around my small suburb of Wainuiomata (9.7km) that I ride on a regular daily basis. The goal is to do a minimum of at least 2 laps with a cycle interval workout lap.

Sony FDR-X3000 with Dashware Overlay Software

Back to trying to add overlays to my cycling videos, this time I bit the bullet and bought a computer with windows10 installed. I finally get to play around with both Virb Edit and Dash Ware.

Sony's inbuilt GPS tracking software had issues where the date and certain data types were wrong. I had to convert the .LOG file to .GPX which fixed these problems.

NOTE: The Sony FDR-X3000 does not produce GRADE GPS data, disappointing.

Timelapse 4K UHD: Wellington Harbour (again).

This turned out better than I thought it would, such a gloomy and windy day.

the Sony FDR-X3000 is the best camera I have ever bought ..

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Dissenter, The Comment Section of the Internet.

If you have watched the video's about Rotten Tomatoes, The Captain Marvel Movie with Brie Larson, you'll eventually come across people talking about this browser extension. If a video has it's comments disabled, this browser app creates a "discussion" comment section for that URL, where anyone who has installed, signed up with this app, can write/read comments.

I have actually seen something similar to this before (a long time ago) but cannot remember where.

Dissenter by GAB

I must say, I joined GAB when it was is first launched live, and only a few people was accepted during it's startup. Today I logged in and yep, there's that prompt ... send your first post LoL. Eventually I'll become active there once I work out what GAB is again.

The reason I brought this up, when I tried to sign up for Dissenter, at the prompt where your asked to put in your email, it said mine was already taken. A light bulb moment, lets use my GAB login, I'm in .. hehe.

Back to Dissenter

Let's find out how this dissenter works, time to go find a YouTube video that has had it's comments disabled, this may take me a while, 90.99% of YouTubers I follow are nice people.

 Ok let's do a simple YouTube search --> comments disabled

wow there's heaps ... OK maybe YouTube is not a good example, therefore I'm going to Add a dissenter discussion on this My Blogs homepage ..

As you can see I have left unticked both Share to Gab & NSFW, this is just me playing around. But if another active Dissenter comes to my homepage, they will see that comment and can interact if they wish.... published!

Let's go to a URL where there is an actual Dissenter discussion happening ...

Nice, 940 Dissenter comments on YouTubes homepage ..

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Alita: Battle Angel, Must Watch Again!

I thought Avatar cannot be beaten yet James Cameron has come out with another mind blowing story that deserves another visit, before it can no longer be shown on the BIG screen. If I had had an on going rating system this would be a 10/10 :-)

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Aitutaki Koni Raoni 2019 by Akaiami

It's always good to remember where your roots are, and even though I did not create this video, or have ever been to this event, one day I would like to witness 1st hand and celebrate with the families who are a big part of me.

Aitutaki has a unique NY (January 1st) event called a Koni Raoni - which means "dance around". A village led dance team make their way slowly and progressively around Aitutaki on open vehicles to dance in front of the residents in each village.
Check out Akaiami's YouTube channel for videos showing previous Koni Raoni events.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Timelapse 4K UHD: Wainui Hill Summit, Meeting Great People!

This mornings walk was very unique, with the amount of cloud movement I just had to do another timelapse. I really didn't want to take it at the top of the summit but it was fairly windy and using a heavy camera tripod would've kept my camera stable. As always, my timelapses are free to use :-)

downloadthe 1280x720p(HDTV) 30fps
download the 1920x1080p(HD) 50fps 
download the 3840x2160p(4K UHD) 60fps

While shooting the timelapse, it was a good time to test my DIY Solar Panel setup. As predicted, it wasn't very effective at that time in the morning, delivering only 40mA at 4.85V.

The Walk:
I have to admit it, I didn't put any real effort into this mornings walk, more like a casual Sunday stroll.

That last photo is where I wanted to do the actual timelapse, maybe I'll take my heavy Tripod on the next walk!

Meeting Interesting People on the Hill:
(I didn't take any photo's of these people because that would've been rude)

Tania's 24Hr Walkathon:
I meet a really nice young lady named Tania, she had an extremely interesting story with a goal to walk over Wainuiomata Hill every day in 2018 and she achieved that WOW!!

She is doing a 24hour walkathon 15/02/2019 and I intend to support on that day. Check out her givealittle website. I'm going to shamelessly share this on all my social media.

Mormon Elders:
2 really nice guys who stopped at the top of the hill to take some photos of Wellington Harbour. We had lengthy discussions on basically everything and it wasn't too religious in nature. I admire the sacrifices these guys take to come to our shores. One is from Texas, the other from Melbourne.

Very memorial day.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

1st 4K UHD Video Upload to Youtube

The best way to try something like this, is to create a small video, then upload it to youtube as a private view, then see what happen when trying to play it back. A timelapse is perfect for this, so this morning I whipped out the Sony FDR-X3000 placed it on the ground and snapped of 600 frames at 5sec intervals.

The using my very slightly modified bash script created a series of timelapses:-

1280x720p(HDTV) 30fps - 24.5MB
1920x1080p(HD) 50fps - 38.8MB
3840x2160p(4K UHD) 60fps - 106.9MB

After uploading the video the only way it would play properly on my browser was to change the quality to 1080p60.

I'm still not convinced creating a 4K is worth it if I cannot play at this quality, and I know I cannot get it to play locally here on a duo2core machine. (plays fine locally on my Intel i5 Opitplex).

I'll leave this video up hoping one day I can get to see it in 4K. Meanwhile it's back to creating 1080p videos and timelapses :-)

Bash Script:

Download and copy (or move) this file into the BIN folder (Linux Mint).

This a a text file so you can read the instructions at the bottom of the file. Note I also had the open the BIN folder as ROOT in order to change the files permissions to "Allow this file to run as a program".

Now just go into the folder containing all your images and type, follow the prompts.

This script can be used on any folder containing images captured and stored by any devices. The Dazzne option was written to allow for images captured with 4:3 aspect ratio.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mama Tu's Donuts

I first learned to make this version of "Raro donuts", simple bread; around the age of 13. It is a really basic recipe designed to be mass produced to help with the meals prepared for large crowds at Cook Island functions. A plate is usually made up of, chop-suey (lamb & vermecilli), boiled rice, raro mainaise, and a single donut.

I'm using pictures here of the exact ingredients I use today, the brands may be different but the out come is still the same.

4 cups of flour: I use High Grade, makes it easier to knead, back in the day this never existed

1/2 cup sugar

Some salt: I like salt so I use more than 1/2 teaspoon .. should be 1/2 teaspoon

Yeast: 1 sachet .. I really prefer the sachet. But if you use yeast from a bottle, 1 sachet is equivalent to 2 heaped teaspoons. In the old days we used yeast from bottles but bear in mind we made huge batches. The yeast from bottles age with time and become least effective. I tend to make these donuts once every 3 months.

Butter 50g: On the side of the butter packaging you see lines, I cut of 1 section. Is this really 50g ? no idea but works for me.

Eggs 3 (size 6)

Dripping 454g: should really have used 6 in a deep pot but this stuff is expensive. The bigger the pot the more donuts you can deep fry at the same time. NOTE, it has to be dripping, not an alternative Oil.

Water 1 Cup: should be warm, which is fine if you live in a place like Australia. Here in Wellington NZ where it's freezing all year round, a cup of HOT water should wake up those yeast micro-organisms.

Method: just like making normal bread

1: In a large bowl add dry ingredients, sifting each 1 as they are added

2: Melt the butter, add the water, mix then add to the dry

3: After mixing for like 20seconds, break in the eggs

4: On a floured surface, place the dough from the bowl and commence kneading, keep kneading while adding flour until you get the dough at the right consistency. This can only be learned from practice, trial and error etc. Videos showing bread-making on Youtube can help you here.

5: Put the dough in a warm place to rise 3 Times in size

6: Remove the dough then punch it and knead again only for like 1minute.

7: Cut into 16 equal portions and place on top of grease proof paper in a warm area, cover with clean clothe and let it rise again. (this bit is not easy if you live in a cold area, I sometimes use a roasting dish with oven set to bake on minimum setting, just be careful we don't want the dogh to turn to bread at this stage)

8: Melt dripping in large pot, you know its ready when you drop in the 1st donut, it sinks, starts to bubble, then it rises up and floats on the surface. Do not have it too high.

9: When the donut is golden brown, flip it over.

9: Finally, place on a grill to allow excess dripping to drain of.

This is all from memory and dedicated to my mother who passed it down to me. Hopefully others in my family will give it a try!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Are Photo Prints Still Relevant

It's been well over 6 years since I have actually got a photo printed, and that was at Noel Lemmings in Lower Hutt. It was about that time I joined an online photo printing service call Snapfish (

This is a recent screenshot of their website to give you a fair idea what service they provide.

After a recent cycling event (The Taupo Cycle Challenge which I still haven't decided whether or not to create a video of my experience). I bought the downloadable images (of me on the course) to use for my own personal use by the events official photographers (they remain the copyright holders) at $48.00NZ for 20 images.

This was the perfect opportunity to finally try snapfish, so quickly selecting 10 of those images, I put in an order. To be fair I wasn't really excited about it, knowing once the prints arrived I have no idea what to do with them. As I'm writing up this blog post, I realize I don't have a single photo album in this house.

Here's 2 of these images I selected:-

The prints finally arrived a few days ago, I had completely forgotten about them but I'm happy to once again show them of to the family, who have already seen most of the images via whatsapp.

I would most likely purchase one of those frames that allow multiple pictures and hang it up on the wall, maybe in the hallway.

What I am excited about, is from the prints I came up with a design for a unique mousemat, which I am definitely going to buy.

I'm curious, do other people still get photo images printed ?

Thursday, 17 January 2019

LED COB Chip 220V 20W Review

After spotting this on EBay I just had to have a play with it. LED driven directly from my 240Vac 50Hz Power Supply (standard 1Ph distribution voltage supplied to NZ homes). So I went ahead and bought 3 of the 20W variety!

Wiring seemed pretty straight forward, just solder the appropriate rated cable to these welding points as shown in the above image, apply voltage and lets see what happens.

Well actually no, I had a some concerns:-

- that's 240V mains voltage on exposed terminals
- 20W on something so thin ? I need find some way to dissipate heat.

Solve the Problem No2 First: Heat Dissipation.

Working with computers I get access to a lot of bits and pieces and I knew 1 day I'll find a use for all those Pentium 4 heatsinks. Drill 2 holes, screw the COB to the heatsink, and I didn't even use thermal paste. Solder on some wires from a discarded appliance cable, plug it in a wall socket and let it run for about an hour.

Result: After removing the mains, did the "carefully feel the heatsink" method, happy to say the heatsink felt only slightly warm. At this point I should mention Do Not Look Directly at the COB when it is powered on.

Solving Problem No1: Exposed 240V Terminals.

Last year I have been replacing all the light fittings as shown above with LED fittings.

I now have a container to mount these 20W COBS safely.

Note the 3 screws (near the centre) screwed directly into the fins of the heatsink, this worked out quite well.

All 3 mounted onto the rafters out in the old shed.

I'm really pleased how this small project worked out, especially re-purposing old light fittings I would normally have thrown away. I am in the process of buying more of these 20W COBs even though I cannot think of where they are to be used. As always the trick to doing this type of project comes down to appropriate case/fitting that adequately mounts for both COB and heatsink, with safe termination while still looking good.

Note, the heatsink was significantly warmer after a time when mounted inside the light fitting.

MyScore: 9/10

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