Saturday, 10 March 2018

BitChute vs YouTube for VLogging

Bitchute, is this my new YouTube alternative. I really do miss VidMe, that platform was perfect for small content creators.

If you have a YouTube channel, BitChute gives you an option to copy your newly uploaded from that platform to this one. This may seems like a great idea but I want to move away from YouTube completely.

Here's where I have concerns:-
  • when you upload to YouTube, they process your video to improve viewing speeds, which also reduces the viewing quality. Everyone has accepted this because the content is more important than viewing quality.
  • BitChute then copies this lower quality here, and then further processes this video to suit it's own streaming quality.
  • I did an experiment, using my latest video 1920 x 1080 50 fps 9.4GB, uploaded directly to Bitchute, waited for their processing to finish, then downloaded the video. VLC reports the following file information for this video 786 x 432 24fps 739.3MB.
The quality of the direct upload to BitChute is immensely better than sending the video via YouTube.

YouTube: viewer chooses viewing quality 480p 720p 1080p 4k
BitChute: 480p? only; if you directly upload it is better than YouTubes 480p

VLC Capture 786x432

VLC Capture 1920x1080
 Am I happy with this lower quality, because as the content creator I need to be comfortable with this, and does this still get my message across ?

I feel I need to get some feedback, and what a great way to add a POLL to my Blog. I'll set this up for my next BitChute Exclusive video. :-)

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