Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Obtaining a Domain Name

There are many obvious reasons to have your own domain name when running a business, on-line presence with a good domain name will determine the success of your site. If you're not yet ready to take the plunge at least consider securing  a domain name before it's taken by someone else.

$21.50NZ +gst /year

Thats like a family pack of fish and chips for the night, peanuts really.

Would this suit an individual and is it worth it ? This can only be answered by the individual and here I will discuss my reasons for finally getting a domain name.

Having my own domain name just looks good, and I'm so proud I went through the process from searching to purchasing. Choosing to manage the domain was an obvious choice for me, it had to be a kiwi outfit. Is it the cheapest ? maybe but keeping it in the country is important to me.

So now that I have a domain name, what could I do with it ? Well I've been using Googles Blogger for many years now, and that is where my new domain points to (for now, I have plans to run a wordpress site hosted from

On top of this I added 1 mailbox to the account, another $21.00NZ +gst per year. Not only having a cool website name, but having a email address attached to it is even better. gets a few raised eyebrows, loving it.


There was mention of securing more extensions like .com .org etc I could understand why businesses would do this, company brands have to be protected. For me, I don't really care if someone else takes or etc.

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