Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Riding with USO

As I've been a bit busy lately, this ride occurred on the 24th, the date on the thumbnail shows when I edited the video.

I asked Iha (USO Leader) if I could accompany him on one of his Cycle Groups rides. This is the bottom tier of the Group, the Fresh cyclist, those new to cycling and learning the ropes.

This ride was from Porirua to Johnsonville. I can't believe I got a rear tire puncture quarter of the way through this ride, still you got to expect these things to happen, it's inevitable. What is important was how hazards are identified and communicated down (and back up to the front as required) through the riders.

And here we have another small timelapse, because the next day, I got another flat on the rear tire. Actually on the last bike service I got done at Giant Lower Hutt shop, I was advised to change the actual tire due to a long gash. Did I listen, heh no! Well it's now changed with a new 700x28 Kendra tire.

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