Sunday, 27 May 2018

Fight Plastic Polllution

Too few people care about how much an environmental problem this has now become, or they acknowledge it's a problem but it is too late to do anything about it. I used to be in this latter category.

On social media, I follow a lot of small vloggers who's views on anything/everything has more impact on me than watching the latest big hit coming out of Hollywood/Netfix etc. Amberthest (YouTube) is one of them. Creating videos on close to a $0 budget shows how much passion they put into getting their idea's out, regardless if no-one actually watches it.

I've have always been aware of the problem about plastic bags from big chain supermarkets, living in one of the most windy capital cities on this planet I get to see these plastic bags in all sorts of places. Seeing them wave like the national flag on our tallest trees doesn't faze us, next big gust would get rid of it and blow it out to sea. Big sigh here!

So what can WE do about it ? I know what part I can play on fighting plastic pollution.

1) Avoid buying products/goods that use plastic excessively to contain the item/s.

Vegans/vegetarians I do apologize, this isn't meant to offend but I do like meat, and this is just a typical example of how much (way too much) plastic is used on their meat packages.

2) Take your own bags into the supermarket, don't use those thin plastic bags they provide. In some supermarkets they now actually make you pay a small surcharge if you request to use those bags, this isn't good enough in my opinion. Some supermarkets sell reusable bags (as shown in the image below) and this is the best way to go.

Yeah I know, not too pretty hahaha but it is all about looking after our environment. Then of course you can make your own. Shamelessly cue another Amberthest video:-

3) If you see plastic trash (well any trash really) pick it up and dispose of it. It is not embarrassing. In fact on my regular fitness walks I always carry a bag just for the purpose of removing plastics from the streets. Admittedly  I don't get them all on 1 walk because this problem is huge and can change daily.

Finally to end this post, another small time youtuber voicing their concerns, good for them :-)

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