Sunday, 24 June 2018

TimeLapse: Wainuiomata Shopping Centre LH, NZ.

What happens outside our shopping centre at 9am on a Sunday morning in the middle of winter, not a lot.

Well on this mornings ride I had a small crash. I went up a driveway that had a triangular piece missing right in the middle of it. My front wheel lodged at this spot and instantly stopped the bike from progressing any further, which resulted in me flying over the handle bars. A quick check over the bike no visible damage and a test ride in the car park everything seemed good.

24kms later I wasn't feeling too good, so I stopped at this spot for a timelapse opportunity and check myself over. The graze on my legs I fixed up fine (I always carry a full 1st aid kit) but a few of my ribs was making it uncomfortable to ride, time go ride home.

With this timelapse I changed it up a little from 2sec intervals to 5sec intervals because I knew it was a boring place to capture LoL. The only problem with doing this it took 48mins to create this 24sec timelapse.

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