Thursday, 1 February 2018

GPS Overlay Onto Video Linux Mint 18

I created this post in preparation of changing my OS from KDE to XFCE, I might even go back to Linux Mint 17. The reason being I couldn't get Dual Monitors to work correctly on 18 (after a reboot you had to log out then log back in again), extremely unacceptable.

The Sony FDR-X3000 produces a GPS Log file which allows you to add GPS overlays onto your video's through its Movie Creator Video Software. Unfortunately there is no Linux port, but with a little bit of internet searching someone has recently produced a solution

Youtube video describing on how to add GPS overlays on to a video 

Software needed by Peregin I think this is used to create the executable, not sure but is definitely needed - it did take a long time to complete (not entirely sure but well over 5mins) - installed using Linux Mint Software Manager Help on how to create .gpx from various sources - downloaded, unzipped separate folder, opened terminal in folder as root - took well over 6 hours to render (best to do this over night) - exports as 1080p Software to convert SONY .log to .gpx - installed using Linux Mint Software Manager Use this to generate workout details, map route etc by importing .gpx file, then you can screencapture the map This uses the same footage as the previous cycling video.

This is my favorite cycling App for Android.

This was not an easy task and there is no avoiding it, I have to do this again.

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