Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Time to Retire My Giant Rincon

This morning I decided to pull out the old Giant Rincon MTB (2000) and take it for a ride up Wainui Hill Summit. This was not a pleasant experience, but that is understandable, I compare all bikes to my Specialized Allez Road Bike and so far nothing comes close.

Without suspension or disc brakes I was expecting it to be lighter, more agile and faster to the Avanti bike I'm currently testing out.

On all aspects of this ride, flat, uphill, downhill The Giant Rincon felt extremely sluggish. I felt as if I did a triple workout over a smaller distance traveled so I'm kind of OK with that. The rear dérailleur limit switchs and indexing have been tuned (by me, I'm getting good at this stuff) so I guess it is ready to give away if anyone wants it.

That 19km felt like 40km ..


I'm really enjoying getting back into Blogging so now I have given myself a new goal, and that is do do at least 1 post a day, so here goes :-)

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