Friday, 9 February 2018

Second Walk Recorded

I got invited to this challenge that closes very soon (duration of 1 week), which prompted me to get some km's under my belt.

Doing 12km was a bit too far, 8kms would've been more comfortable, it was extremely hot out there today.

I really like this Earth song by Nihilore and I'm going to use it on all my walk videos. So here's todays video of my walk:-

Next time I will take a drink bottle .. so needed it.


  • I like the idea of creating video's under the Unlisted Category, where the only way to access the video URL, is viewing my Endomondo Profile or by coming here to my Blog.
  • On the subject of routes, I cannot see myself setting any up . Unlike cycling where it is all about beating your time over a set distance, walking for me should be enjoyable, and a different route taken on every outing.

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