Friday, 7 June 2019

My Thought of the Week: IPFS
What is IPFS ... yes I've seen the definitions and what it is capable of with file sharing. Does running it help or Steemit in some way working in the background. Using the file system found on the "webui' I added a picture of myself (I know, boring but at least I won't run into copyright issues) and got a sharing link.

This is all well and good, if I wish to share something, but does me sharing 1 file help the community. I feel as if I have missed something important here.

I would be extremely appreciative for any feedback.

Note: Installation on Linux Mint problems - resolved
- go here ... ... see if world can see service on port 4001
- this port opens "AFTER" the daemon is run
1 - turn off the Gufw firewall
2 - set router port forward 4001 (I even set this computer as DMZ host, probably not necessary)

3 - if using Noscript - disable it
4 - Go here ... ... Per-User Limit

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