Friday, 7 June 2019

Opening of Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path, New Zealand
This was a significant event, especially those that live in this suburb of Wainuiomata. The only access into the area is by this road. When they upgraded the road from 2 lanes (1 up 1 down) to 4 lanes, there really wasn't any room for cyclists though there are those like myself that risked being brushed aside by vehicles. Walking/running up either side of this Hill on gravel had it's risks as well, but the workout you get from it made it worth while.

This shared pathway (pedestrians/cyclists) is definitely going to become popular and there are some concerns, mainly aimed at the cycling community which I can totally understand. It really comes down to common sense, I ride/race on a road bike and coming down here at 60km+/hr would be the norm, therefore using this shared path is not an option for me. This brings us to those who drive over the hill in vehicles, who yell at cyclists to get off the road and back onto the new created shared path. I will ignore them, safety of pedestrians on this path are more important and unless I purposely ride up/down at 10km/hr or slower I will stay on the road. The next few months as summer approaches will be interesting.

My grandson and I, enjoyed the sunshine, the community spirit, and this wonderful path that we walked on today.

Camera: Sony FDR-X3000
Video Editor: kdenlive on Linux Mint 64bit

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