Sunday, 9 June 2019

Steemit: 2 Weeks On and my Thoughts

I'm really starting to enjoy using this platform, even though I have so much more to learn. Buzz words like cryptocurrency, blockchain, steem, steem power, steem dollars are totally exciting and I liken it to the game Monopoly. I've posted some content, earned some Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars.

Is this real money ??? it can be but from what I've seen I'm just not interested at this point in time. but this is where the fun starts for me ......

STEEM POWER, I gots the power !!!

With this I can control post payouts, ie the more Steem Power (SP) I have, my upvotes will count more and will award different content creators SP and Steem dollars as well. How cool is that!!

For me, this platform is about content and creating content, which I'm not very good at and seldom create. In fact I make videos so that I can look back on snippets of my life, and if other people watch then that is all well and good too.

You can view the upvotes as seen on above image, who upvoted and how much influence each voter has based on their (SP). Currently my SP is so low, my upvotes are valued at $0.0000 LoL but hey, we all start somewhere. Let's peek at my Steemit Wallet ..

5 minutes ago my Steem Power was 1.033, so here's what I did to increase it. I transferred the Steem Dollars ($0.80approx) I earned from my posts to Steem ($2.00approx via Internal Market), which I then Powered Up increasing my Steem Power.

So my short term goal unfolds, when I upvote, I want it to have real meaning.

It is all about content, and not earnings

For Vidme .... I will always remember you guys.
- Amberthest
- Ravenmor Fox
- Dazzlinglatte
- Flying Purple Pizzas
- Calibri Funtimes
- Stefan Jenkins
- Kirsty J
- Jonna

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